Welcome to our map overview section. Arguably one of the most important factors for achieving success in game is having a strong understanding of the battlefield. Map knowledge is pivotal for players of all levels. With the sheer amount of maps in World of Tanks it can at times be overwhelming for newer players to understand just where they should go in battle and what to expect at the front lines, or even where those lines might be. Oftentimes, developing players have to learn the hard way that their heavy tank for instance is not suited for a certain position or lane and find themselves easily outmatched or outskilled (no arty cover). With this section of our site, we hope to provide a consolidated resource which players of all levels will be able to learn from and reference to gain a better grasp on the maps of World of Tanks. Credit for the maps themselves goes to our former teammate Exo, who's gone above and beyond for the community with this work. These maps were created with StratSketch, an excellent online tool that is a must for any tanker who hopes to delve into organized play. This section will continue to be updated with more maps and features overtime so be sure to check back regularly.

  • We've excluded low tier only maps like Mittengard
  • Only Abbey has a written summary
  • Maps are organized alphabetically