o7 Roster Changes

          For the first time, o7 will look significantly different on the battlefield. We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to compete with largely the same roster for the previous two seasons, with only two real changes being made over the past year. In a league where teams consist of 9-10 individuals, it's very difficult to maintain the same roster. We've sadly lost our friend Vetro to Eclipse but we understand the decision on his part. ZXFT and Seedeath each departed the team the previous season during the last 3-4 week stretch for IRL reasons which of course take precedence. At the very least, we've known for some time that we'd be seeking out 2 new team members at a minimum, but it was difficult to manage with only 8 members during the season's end.

          Over the previous 2 months we've worked through far more candidates than originally expected. Each one brought their own unique skill-sets and personalities to the table. It wasn't easy having to pick from such an excellent pool of talent. Oftentimes we turned down close friends and even players who were better than ourselves. We'd genuinely like to thank everyone who excepted our invitations to tryout, o7.

          The newest members of o7 consist of a few recognizable names; Statik, the former captain of Team eLevate, and Zonedelta, one of eLevate's main starters. These former champions of the WGLNA will add some much needed depth to our roster. Statik provides a great resource for our team in terms of general planning and calling. While he arrives with no experience playing the new format, taking a hiatus last season, he has already begun to pick it up quickly. No longer burdened with the responsibilities of being a captain, or being a lead caller, Statik will now be able to solely focus on the playing side of tanks. Zonedelta looks to provide us with another capable soldier, who understands the finer points of team play and can capably act on his own accord during battle. We noticed during tryouts that when paired together, Zonedelta and Statik play exceptionally well off one another so hopefully we'll be able to keep this duo grouped up.

          Our final roster addition is Exo, a member of the WoT community known for being a bit of a troll and rather brash in his comments at times. While we'd argue that this reputation is one that has simply clung on since his earlier days and no longer really applies, we don't mind if has a bit of a rebel vibe. Exo has fit in phenomenally well with our team and was actually a last minute consideration. He was extremely helpful during the end of last season, filling in when we were short a player for scrims after losing ZXFT and Seedeath. Exo even continued to do so after the season ended when we began trying out new players. If we were ever short, Exo would be there to assist. It finally came to a point when we realized we had never actually considered him for a position, and we weren't sure why. Our team had simply begun to take him for granted. Now an official member of the team, Exo will be our newest development project as his experience is currently limited to the scrims in which he filled in for. All in all we're quite happy with the feel of our team coming into next season. We believe our roster to be sound and are looking forward to the opportunity to show off our newest players. Expect to see a bit of a rotational system in our lineup this season, head to our fantasy section prior to match days to understand how it may impact any of your potential picks from o7.

tl;dr - No more Vetro, ZXFT, or Seedeath. Added Statik, Zonedelta, and Exo.