A New Year, New Look and New Team

       With the arrival of 2017 and the second season of the WGL set to begin, o7 has undergone several changes of note. After an arguably successful and yet simultaneously disappointing 4th place finish last season, our roster has not remained intact. During a rather short off-season roster period there were a mixture of foreseen and unforeseen changes to our team. It's never enjoyable to have roster changes but it's important to make the best of any situation.

       Both of our recent additions from the old Elevate roster, Statik and Zonedelta, have departed to rejoin some old friends on the new team in the league, Valence. They each felt they couldn't really commit to the new schedule that we've instilled between school and work and would prefer to play in a more relaxed environment which is perfectly understandable. If anything, our best placing yet has driven us to ramp up our preparation in hopes of finding a place on the podium for the 1st time. 

       Also a new addition last season, Exo has departed after a great inaugural season in  the WGL with us. He has gone on to join Eclipse in hopes of filling in for their losses during the roster period. Exo was our latest development project and we were happy to see him continuously improve throughout the season. His map sketches have been a big hit in the community as well. 

       Filling in for the departures, we've added Swipple (aka CoffeeThief), andepans, and MajorIssuez. Swipple comes to us from Rival, carrying several seasons in the league under his belt playing for various teams. Maybe we can restore him to his previous Fantasy League glory days when he played for Simply Irresistable? Andepans was a member of Get Flanked last season. With the help Ledif's connections to him, we were able to see his boosting skills first hand during several Faceit tournaments over the past 2-3 months and we liked what we saw. Lastly, MajorIssuez is our new development project with only a single season under his belt during the old 7/54 days. The bar has been set pretty high but hey, who's measuring? Even with so many changes all at once, we as a team feel confident we'll perform comparably to last season at a minimum. 

       Finally, as the image at the top shows, we've undergone a logo change as well on top of the lineup changes. We've opted for a slightly darker approach color-wise. More importantly, our logo is now more representative of being an o rather than the previous version which could be seen as a stylized c and create some confusion. This new design should rectify that issue and presents a cleaner look overall.

       We're excited to see where this season takes us and would like to wish our former teammates the best of luck with their new ventures. o7

- Fosta