Author: Fosta

          Few moments are more aggravating for players to find themselves in than suddenly being clipped out by a pesky Batchat. One of the most annoying vehicles to have to face, the Batchat evolves mid-match from a pesky nuisance to the apex predator of the battlefield. With the 9.14 update, the Batchat has also been able to express its inner mountain goat with various hills and paths now becoming climbable for the tank without any assistance. Most drivers will tell you that the Batchat can be a rather fickle beast, able to have exemplary games where every shell is landing just right, and others where you can't even seem to hit the broad side of a Maus. While RNG can certainly get to the best of players at times, poor results can be minimized through smart and consistent play.

          The Batchat is the epitome of extremes in World of Tanks. It wields the second highest burst potential in game at 1,950 damage over a span of under 11 seconds. It's hands down the fastest tier X vehicle, essentially playing the role of a tier X light tank as it can actively scout if needed. The tank's camo values are also extremely high, 3rd best overall in terms of mediums. Now we flip to the other side of its extremes. The reload for the clip is the 2nd longest in game (ignoring artillery), taking just over 38 seconds to reload. Its armor is nearly non-existent, bounces occurring purely by the divine grace of RNG. The Batchat's mobility is hindered by the fact that it turns worse than the Titanic when at speed. An extra factor of annoyance would be the ammo capacity limitation. Carrying only 30 shells, the Batchat is one of the few tanks which actually runs out of shells on occasion. And lastly, the gun handling and accuracy are atrocious for a medium, undoubtedly being considered the worst in class overall. Despite all these shortcomings, the combination of speed, burst damage, and camo is extremely deadly when properly utilized.

          A Batchat player should immediately seek out the opposition off spawn, especially if there are no supporting light tanks. Even if there are light tanks on your own team, you should still take advantage of the Batchat's excellent speed and camo to spot for your team. It's unlikely the opposition will be able to punish you. So long as you remember to avoid overexposing yourself when actively scouting along a ridge-line, such as the center of Prokhorovka, and make sure to not overextend you'll be fine. There are some decent spots for passive scouting that Batchats might consider, like D6/7 on Malinovka, however all it takes is one overaggressive enemy scout to potentially ruin your match. Even with the long load time, a Batchat can be rather aggressive off spawn in terms of positioning if choosing not to scout. If on a map like Mines, Karelia, or Tundra with key high-ground positions that mediums normally pack towards, you should join the group. Your immense burst potential will help to take control. Generally though, you should be looking to scout and then swing back to find angles from where you can support your team.

          For the first 3-4 minutes Batchats are more of a supportive tank if not packing with mediums. You should be looking to punish any aggressive pushes as you hold in the back-line. While the Batchat's accuracy is poor for sniping, the ability to toss out so many shells quickly means some of them should find the mark. Try to refrain from taking long pot shots if you're only presented a turret as a target though, reserve your clip for hull shots when at range. With such poor ammo capacity, you can really only afford to fire off one clip from long distance at the start. While you might only be wounding your prey, once the mid-game hits you'll be able to close in for the kill.

          As the opposition dwindles, you can roam the battlefield much more freely. Once there's only 8 or so enemy tanks remaining the Batchat really begins to shine, provided you've maintained most of your health. At this point of time, you'll likely be down to about 20 shells. You don't need to worry about ammo just yet. Examine the map, look for any weak or isolated opponents to pounce upon. If your team seems to be making a push down a flank, join in and secure the push quicker by cleaning up the opposition with your burst potential. With the Batchat's speed and camo you can roam wherever you like. Even while clipping you can make yourself useful by spotting for your team or rotating flanks. Every time you go dark in the Batchat you make the opposition uneasy. You no longer need to be too cautious about trading so long as it means you'll be securing a kill. It's pivotal that you do not spread damage around now, your priority should be to pickup kills and not necessarily damage. Kills will allow your team to win the game. If you've spread your shells around and your teammates fail to clean up tanks, you'll be placed in a very difficult position. Make no mistake, the Batchat is one of the best carry tanks in the game, but if you're fairly outnumbered and the opposition is grouped it'll be tough to manage without proper assistance. 

          Once you hit 10 shells remaining, this is when you MUST become picky if the game isn't already in hand. You'll only have enough potential damage remaining to destroy about 2 full health tanks so keep that in mind. As I've mentioned before, kills are pivotal when trying to close out games as a Batchat. Sometimes it's not even worth chipping away at healthy vehicles if there's a wounded one elsewhere which you could go deal with. Converting damage is especially key now, try to avoid taking shots that you're unlikely to pen or might miss. In general you should not be taking shots unless your reticle is fully closed or your under 100m away as the poor gun handling values and accuracy will result in missed snap shots or shots on the move. Really the only time you can ever afford to fire on the move is while closing in for a kill and you're target is fully exposed.

          Playing the Batchat is a genuinely stressful affair. There's a lot of pressure to be able to close out games even when at a disadvantage purely due to the potential a Batchat has in battle. The tank is very unforgiving with little HP, no armor, a low shell count, poor gun handling, and shoddy accuracy. But, once players begin to understand the finer points of playing the vehicle and how to exploit its strengths, the Batchat quickly becomes the terror of any battlefield.

Crew Skills to Prioritize

  • Camo, Snap Shot, Off-Road Driving, Situational Awareness
  • BIA is good, but so few crew members means losing several skills

Equipment & Consumables

  • Vert Stab, GLD, Optics
  • Med kit, Repair, Extinguisher

If attempting to three mark the vehicle, the optimal setup would be replacing optics with vents, and running food instead of the extinguisher. Fires aren't all that common on the Batchat, however crew death is fairly common even for the commander. This means you can't rely on skilling Jack of All Trades (commander must be alive for skill to work) and replacing the med kit with food.