Author: Camador

          Howdy folks, welcome to the E-50 M guide. Otherwise known as one of the best mediums out there. Sure you won't have the DPM of a Russian medium, or the... actually that's about it. This tank has armor if you use it right, is accurate at long ranges, and even has some gun depression to work with.

          So lets start off with the DPM. You shouldn't be brawling with this tank. If you're brawling with it, either something has gone horribly wrong, or the game is ending. This tank's only downside is that you have to play it like a support tank. Snipe at whatever your teammates spot, or poke out and shoot something once someone has fired. The gun's very accurate and the penetration is high enough that you can fire standard APCR against most targets. Ammo switching should be a priority for players, as you must switch to HEAT/gold when facing tanks such as an E100 or IS-7 frontally and can't reliably fire into their lower plates. Most games you should be breaking even or making money with a premium account. You will not be able to out dpm Russian mediums, but you shouldn't place yourself in a position where you need to either. 

          Next, ramming. This tank is moderately fast and weighs about as much as a King Tiger. That means even gentle taps against other mediums ca result in a couple hundred damage. If you find yourself in a brawl with a medium, try to ram him. Ramming is situational against other tanks, but there are very few which you won't come out ahead against with a ram.

          Armor. This tank has probably the best armor scheme of the mediums. Its frontal upper plate is sufficient to bounce most Tier X guns, even gold shells at times, and if you side scrape it's at least workable. Obviously, you won't be able to sidescrape as effectively as most heavy tanks, but if you are playing on a lane map and have few other choices, it's better than nothing. Your turret front can be penned, but at the very least the turret's face is fairly small, and the gun mantlet makes up a large portion of it. On hilly maps, you can attempt to play peek and poke to take advantage of the tank's awesome depression, just note that the depression is 8 degrees to the sides while only 6 degrees to the front. It takes a bit to get used to, but after some time working ridges with the your hull at an angle becomes natural. It's all about learning to play the angles right. The fact that the gun is so accurate allows the E 50m to take quick peeks as well, limiting exposure time.

Crew Skills to Prioritize

  • Repairs, Snap Shot, Clutch Braking, BIA
  • Camo is useful but not vital

Equipment & Consumables

  • Vert Stab, Rammer, Vents
  • Med Kit, Repair, Extinguisher

If attempting to three mark this vehicle, the optimal setup would be to run Food in place of the Extinguisher while skilling Preventative Maintenance (drop Clutch Braking) to try to limit the chance of a fire occurring.