Author: Meadowhawk

           My love for the Germany T10 medium, the Leopard 1, comes with an extreme bias due to my experiences with the Canadian variant, the Leopard C1, during my time in the Canadian military.  It is not a tank for the faint of heart and while having arguably the best mobility for a T10 in the game, it sacrifices many things in pursuit of that mobility.  Given the time to properly master it's play style, the Leo 1 can lead you to the top of your team's damage chart with ease on a regular basis. 

          Developed during a time when it was thought the advances in High Explosive Anti-Tank, HEAT, rounds made any new armor engineering pointless, Germany sought to develop a tank with superior mobility with an excellent gun platform. The Leo 1 is one of the fastest mediums at 65kph, but it's real asset is the 54°/sec traverse speed which allows it to dodge and weave at will.  The gun platform translates in WoT as having the best aim time, 1.90 sec, the highest accuracy, 0.28, and the second highest average penetration, 268mm.  It's 9° of gun depression is also among the best, however the one thing the gun lacks is pure DPM, at 2691.

          Now that we've pointed out the Leo 1's assets, let's go over its liabilities. The most obvious weakness of the Leopard 1 to any tanker is it's complete lack of armor, it had to be sacrificed to give the Leo it's maneuverability. Do not expect to bounce any incoming shots and count any that you do as a blessing. This vulnerability also leads to another common weakness in that the Leo's ammo rack is frequently damaged, this is also largely due to it's placement and size as it can be damaged frontally very easily. The final disadvantage, albeit a small one, is that your gun dispersion on the move is high.  So don't expect to hit too many shots long range shots while on the move.

          So with all of this knowledge about the tank, we can safely say the Leo is most suited to a support role.  You have the speed and maneuverability to easily relocate and flank, you have an excellent gun with high shell velocity and accuracy to pick apart the enemy from distance, and your view range (410 base) is high enough to act as forward recon in the early game. City maps aren't easy in the Leo, however if you can find holes in the enemies defenses, your flanking will be an asset to your heavy tanks.  Obviously, the Leo 1 thrives in open maps (Westfield, Malinovka, Murovanka, Prokhorovka). These maps offer the most flexibility in your role as support and gives you free run to use your greatest asset, mobility. Beware of artillery though, the Leo's most ferocious enemy on open maps. Any direct hit from an artillery will likely be enough to send you back to the garage. As with any tank, you should maintain map awareness at all times.  A lone Leo 1 is little threat to an advancing flank, and if you find yourself alone you should immediately fallback to the support of friendly forces. The complete lack of armor makes holding flanks alone or 1v1's extremely difficult, if not futile.

Crew Skills to Prioritize

  • Camo, BIA, Safe Stowage, Off-Road Driving
  • Situational Awareness is also useful but not a priority

Equipment & Consumables

  • Vert Stab, Rammer, Optics
  • Repair Kits x2, Med Kit

If attempting to three mark the vehicle, replace the Med Kit with Food and skill Jack of All Trades to ease the pain of losing a crew member (Unless you have 4 skills on the Commander, you'll likely need to drop camo on him).