Struggling to improve at World of Tanks? We've all been there. It's time to stop using the matchmaker as your scapegoat and taking RNGesus' name in vain as you plateau in terms of skill. You can make it over that next WN8 hump. There are already numerous resources available online to help you improve and we're looking to add to that category by connecting players with capable coaches. A coach can help you diagnose your weakpoints, provide helpful advice, and get you rolling in the right direction. There's no better source for help and information than an experienced and friendly player.   

  • Teamspeak is mandatory, just prior to a lesson you'll likely receive an in-game pm to get things setup
  • Players should have 750 battles and/or a tier IX vehicle
  • Click on a coaches' WN8 to view their noobmeter report
  • Select the Schedule button to see a coaches' availability, further details, and signup for a lesson slot
  • Have a suggestion or complaint? Maybe you'd like to become a coach? Send an email to
  • Lessons are FREE, there is no payment required to setup a lesson with any coach
  • Everyone should have an opportunity to learn from an experienced player, hence no cost barrier
  • We do encourage tipping if you walk away satisfied or keep coming back for assistance
  • Simply ask your coach for their payment information if you'd like to support them for their services

Fosta *Test*


Server- NA

WN8- 2800

Services offered- Individual lessons

Favorite topics- Scouting/Light tank play 

Availability- Sundays 6-10pm est, see schedule for other dates