Hope you all enjoyed the resurgence of the Fantasy League; see you all next season!

WGLNA Fantasy Updates and Advice from o7

We'll be working to keep this page updated with relevant Fantasy information about our own team and provide some general fantasy advice. We may occasionally do a few in-depth features as well. For the most part on o7, Makos, Ledif, and Warbander are the safest choices throughout the season as they will all start and rarely ever miss matches. Camador and Swipple are also worthy to note with higher Avg. Score statistics but attendance is a bit spotty for each of them and we do not play Camador on a particular map currently. Think of them as the high-risk high-reward options for o7. As of right now, it's best to avoid the other o7 members until part of the season has played out to see how things develop.

Fire and Forget (sorta)

Matches to Stack

These are the 2 best matches to load up on players from each week, we recommend taking 5 or 6 players between these 2 matches for the best odds at finishing strong.

 January 31st                                                                                                 Eclipse vs. o7                                                                                            AM60 vs. Valence                                                                                                                                                                                                        February 2nd                                                                                                  o7 vs. Dare Rising                                                                                 Top Tier vs. AM60                                                                                 

The Fantasy League site will not save lineups so they do need to be remade for each match day. Even so, these are the top 10 players to choose from which should provide consistantly strong results.

AM60- MRMAN58 & BailesNoBezmiega                                         Eclipse- Vetro                                                                                             Apex- Oxmathus                                                                                 Dare- MyLittlePutin & Burdenedfungus                                              o7- Ledif & Makos                                                                                         Top Tier- ogHako & mereelskirata

General Advice

  • Lineups are locked each match day at 8:30 est, lineups do not automatically carry over so they must be reselected prior to each match day
  • Focus on selecting players from matches which will likely be close, the more battles played the more points to gain
  • Teams play every match day for the first half of the season, so for now you can reasonably select the same lineup each night if you so choose
  • It's best to set your roster just before match days begin to ensure you don't start an inactive player, team twitter accounts provide useful updates
  • Use statistics to gain an edge, the Avg. Score stat is very useful but make sure to check total battles as well to prevent starting someone who isn't always active

Useful Sources

  • Eclipse Twitter- https://twitter.com/eClipse_WGLNA
  • Deja Vu Twitter- https://twitter.com/DejaVuWGLNA
  • AM60 Twitter- https://twitter.com/AquaticM60s
  • Valence Twitter- https://twitter.com/_ValenceGaming
  • Rival Twitter- https://twitter.com/SimpleTankers
  • Top Tier Twitter- https://twitter.com/PompousMagnus
  • WGLNA Twitter- https://twitter.com/WGLNA